Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 2009 Projector Buying Guide

August Update: The 1080p Optoma HD20 has been announced and is $1000. It is available for pre-order on several internet sites. It certainly would be the best choice in that price range right now. All new projectors are announced in September at CEDIA so expect more price drops on every projector. My advice is if you are thinking of buying a projector is wait until then.
$600 Eiki IEP-1500. (rebadged Sharp DT-400).
$600 Optoma HD65 not quite as good black levels as the DT-510, but brighter.
$719 Sanyo PLV Z60 A great price for those who want lens shift. See previous post for how to get this price.
$950 Panasonic ax200. For those who need lens shift and a very bright projector.

$1170 after $133 cash back from (now called Bing cash back). Infocus X10. 1080p for $1150? Awesome!

$1400-1700 Refurbished Benq W5000. Price and stock fluctuates.
$1350 after $150 cash back from (now Bing cash back). Viewsonic Pro 8100. Cheapest 1080p with lens shift.
$1500 after $300 rebate Mitsubish HC5500
$1600 AR Sanyo PLV-Z700 Dark rooms only.

$1900 Epson 6100 Very bright projector for rooms with some ambient light.

$2000 BenqW5000 As good as the ae-3000 without long zoom.

$2500 Panasonic Ae-3000 2.35:1 feature and good frame interpolation.
$2500 Sony VPL-HW10 Slightly better black level without the featuress.

$2500 AR Epson 6500UB. The best projector under $3K. Frame interpolation fix soon.

$3000 Sony VPL-VW60 The 6500UB is very close. View them both before buying.

$3640 Infocus IN83 Better flesh tones than the RS10, but not close in black level.

$4100 JVC RS10 A leap ahead in black level for a significant price increase.

$5700 JVC RS20 even better black levels, for a price.

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