Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prey Captured--GPS Units under $500

  • Garmin Nuvi 350  $350 This unit has great reception, a small form factor for portability and so it doesn't get stolen, and test to speech so it actually tells you the street names instead of where to turn.  It also has an optional trafic module.

  • Plenio 3000 Has a huge 7" screen, plays videos and MP3 music, but has no internal battery and does not say names of streets. Read user reviews at link above

  • Lowrance iWay 500c  This unit is big and has a large screen for those who need to it.  Otherwise I'd recommend the Garamin.  It can also play mp3 files.  For beginners, it comes with all maps preloaded.  It's major downside is that has some problems with overheating so it can't be in direct sunlight for a long time.  Reviews: Cnet  PDA Street  Laptop Magazine I am still working on my 5.1 speaker systems under $500 post.  I am not thrilled with the choices, but I have a lead on some good ones.  Stay tuned.

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